JVC GY-HD200UB High Definition 3-CCD MiniDV Professional Camcorder

March 9th, 2009

JVC GY-HD200UB High Definition 3-CCD MiniDV Professional Camcorder with 16x ProHD Fujinon Lens

JVC GY-HD200UB High Definition 3-CCD MiniDV Professional Camcorder


  •  High-definition recording at 24 frames per second; Record 1080i & 720p to the hard drive; DV compatible

Product Description
The JVC GY-HD200U is a revised version of JVC’s ProHD camera. The initial version, the GY-HD100U was the first HDV camera to record true progressive images at 24 frames a second while maintaining a professional style ENG form factor. All previous features have been included in this model along with a wide array of extras that will increase overall usability. The most notable improvement is the capability of recording 60 full progressive frames per second, making it the first HDV camcorder with the unique ability. Other features include a 14-bit A/D converter for increased picture quality, an enhanced DSP, an Anton Bauer Gold-Mount battery plate, enhanced cinema gammas for film-outs, and a built-in image flip function. The GY-HD200U is a direct result of extensive research and is a testament to JVC’s commitment to providing the most complete video cameras for professionals. Built-in image flip recording when using prime lenses Built-in 14.4V type Battery Mount Dual-media (tape +HDD)recording with DTE Next generation super-efficient MPEG-2 encoding Enhanced Cinema Gamma Advanced 14-bit A/D converter Lower noise in low light Better highlight handling BNC connectors Anton Bauer ABTRIMPACPKG2 battery and charger included.

Canon XH-A1S 3CCD HDV Camcorder HD Video

March 6th, 2009

Canon XH-A1S 3CCD HDV High Definition Professional Camcorder with 20x HD Video Zoom Lens III

Canon XH-A1S 3CCD HDV High Definition Professional Camcorder with 20x HD Video Zoom Lens III


  •  Genuine Canon 20x HD video zoom lens with Professional L Series Fluorite; Independent manual focus. zoom, and iris ring

Product Description
For the professionals who require a smaller, lighter weight HD camcorder but who wont give up capability and performance, Canon offers the XH A1S. Our latest in a family of high quality HDV camcorders, the XH A1S delivers advanced features and a wide range of image parameter controls to make your vision a reality- and at a very attractive price.Starting with the superb Canon Genuine Canon 20x HD lens with Professional L Series Fluorite, the XH A1S adds 3CCDs, each of which is at 1440 x 1080 pixels. It also means you can be sure that your shooting in the field will be the best it can be with Canons SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization. It corrects for a wide range of camera movement and vibration, and combined with Instant AF (Auto Focus) youll get ultra-quick, accurate focus. The DIGIC DV II HD image processor finishes the picture with improved color reproduction and noise reduction – for a final result that delivers excellent image quality.To further ensure that your vision is realized, the XH A1S gives you features that let you make manual adjustments to fine-tune your video- the ultimate in total image control. For those situations in which you need to let your camcorder take care of exposure and image controls, the automatic settings on the XH A1S will expertly assist you.Youll find flexibility, versatility and capability in the extensive array of features and optional accessories of the XH A1S. It is bound to meet and exceed your highest expectations.

Sony Professional HVR-Z1U 3CCD High Definition Camcorder with 12x Optical Zoom

March 3rd, 2009

Sony Professional HVR-Z1U 3CCD High Definition Camcorder with 12x Optical Zoom

Sony Professional HVR-Z1U 3CCD High Definition Camcorder


  •  High-definition video camera records in 1080i, 720p, and 720i specification with analog down-converting

Product Description
Blurring the line between consumer and professional video cameras Sony has created the HVR-Z1U camcorder. It adheres to the HDV Consortiums specifications for 1080i recording on popular DV mini cassettes. This camera represents the widest array of professional features within a new standard of miniaturization. The HDV video standard will provide about double the resolution of the old standard DV formats. The design of the camera is aimed directly at the filmmaker, the most modern event video producers and even widescreen news shooters. Because it records in high definition and standard definition modes it can be used in a variety of production scenarios that may change from client to client or evolve over time. It is NTSC and PAL system compatible as well. Color Correction for Special Effects 3.3 Color LCD screen and color viewfinder High quality 12X Optical ZoomCarl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T Lens Super Steadyshot Non-Perpetual Manual Zoom Ring / Manual Focus Ring / Manual Iris Control w/24 steps Built-in Wide Range Stereo Microphone / internal noise nulling technology 2 Balanced Audio XLR input connectors with Selectable Phantom Power i.LINK(R) DV Interface IEEE1394 MPEG2 Real Time Encode System for real time processing of HD data 14 Bit DXP (Digital ExtendedProcessor) combines 14 bit A/D converter with an advanced camera processing system Switchable HDV/DVCAM/DV FormatRecording 3 position ND filterswitch-explain-values One button status check feature for easy confirmation of various parameters Personal Menu function Battery Info function Up to 5 1/2 hours of operation on NPF-970 battery using the LCD and EVF simultaneously Unit Dimensions (WxHxD) 6 x 7 1/8 x 14 3/8 Inches / Weighs 4.25 pounds Includes – AC-VQ850 AC Adapter and Battery Charger / RMT-841 Wireless Remote Control / A/V Cable / Component Video Cable / Shoulder Strap / Large Eye Cup / Accessory Shoe Exten

Amazon.com Product Description
With high-definition television sets replacing standard definition, it’s time for a high quality HD camera to lead prosumer video into the future. Sony’s HVR-Z1U Digital HD video camera recorder is just such a camera. It’s the compact and cost-effective machine that bridges the gap between high definition and standard definition video formats.

HVR-Z1U camera

HDV 1080i
The HDV 1080i specification features 1080 effective interlaced scanning lines and 1,440 horizontal pixels. Interlaced pictures, which have been common to TV broadcasts from the beginning, alternately display odd and even numbered lines between each screen refresh. The HVR-Z1U can also record at the HDV 720p specification, which features 720 effective progressive scanning lines and 1,280 horizontal pixels. Progressive scanning fills both odd and even numbered lines with each refresh, providing a flicker-free picture.

Not yet ready for HD? The HVR-Z1U can convert material from 1080i down to 480i and 576i, and output these digital video signals through its i.LINK interface or as analog signals through component, composite, or S-video connectors. When down-converting these signals, the aspect ratio displayed can be converted from 16:9 to 4:3, and display modes can be selected from squeeze, letterbox or edge crop.

HVRZ1U camera audio levels
Keep an eye on audio levels on the LCD monitor

The HVR-Z1U adopts the MPEG-2 compression format, which uses 8-bit digital component recording with a sampling rate of 4:2:0. The camera uses MPEG-1 Audio Layer II audio compression format, allowing for two-channel recording with a sampling frequency of 48 kHz/16-bit. It features a built-in stereo microphone, as well as two XLR audio input connectors for use with professional-grade microphones or external audio sources. Each input level for CH1 and CH2 can be independently adjusted using two audio level dials on the camera body and viewed with an audio level meter on the LCD monitor.

3CCD camera system
Originally, camcorders used one CCD–the imaging device that turns light into electronic information–and let the image processing unit decipher the color information from the data. Like today’s broadcast video cameras, however, the HVR-Z1U uses a prism to divide incoming light into three beams and uses specially tuned 1/3-inch CCDs to create red, blue, and green composite images, which are assembled into a final image. The result is a more film-like vibrancy and more accurate color representation.

Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* 12x zoom lens
The HVR-Z1U is equipped with a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* high definition lens with a 12x zoom function. It has the same optical coating as is used on all of the Carl Zeiss prime lenses, which produces sharp, high-contrast images with virtually no chromatic aberration. This lens is designed with a wide viewing angle, and a 35-mm equivalent focal length ranging from 32.5 mm to 390 mm in 16:9 mode, and from 40 mm to 480 mm in 4:3 mode.

In order to facilitate zoom control and recording operation during low-angle shooting, an additional zoom lever and a rec start/stop button have been added to the carrying handle. There’s also a motorized zoom ring, equipped with stops and barrel marking, located on the lens body. Turning this zoom ring allows for fine adjustments in zoom position settings. Furthermore, the supplied wireless Remote Commander unit can be used for external control.

HVRZ1U Expanded Focus
Expanded Focus helps you confirm your manual focus

Large, 16:9 widescreen color viewfinder and LCD monitor
View your subject through the built-in viewfinder, the swing-out LCD display, or both. The HVR-Z1U features a 0.44-inch type color LCD viewfinder and a 3.5-inch color LCD monitor, both in a 16:9 aspect ratio. You’ll save battery time by using just one, but you may want to use one for adjusting focus and the other for monitoring audio levels. When eschewing auto focus for the fine-tuning manual focus, you can double the magnification at the center of the screen, making it easier to confirm focus settings during manual focusing. Also, the camera’s “peaking” function can provide sharp outlines on the monitor to help with manual focus.

Optical Super SteadyShot system
Sony’s optical Super SteadyShot System helps remove the slight hand jitter and vibration that is often the bane of video production. Sensors inside the camera detect horizontal and vertical movements and the camera can counteract those movements by adjusting the lens mechanism on the fly. This is superior to digital anti-shake systems that counteract image shake by trimming off edges of the frame.

The Hollywood look
The HVR-Z1U has features that can make your videos look more like they were shot on film. Cinematone Gamma allows operators to quickly setup and load a gamma curve with similar contrast characteristics to a film gamma curve. The Cineframe feature allows movement to be reproduced at 24 frames per second–the speed of film–as opposed to video’s 30 frames per second standard. The Color Extraction function can retain up to two desired colors of monitored pictures in the screen by designating color hue, saturation and range, while making the other colors black and white. The Color Revision function can change the hue of only the colors designated by Color Extraction, while retaining the hue of the other colors, thus making it possible to change the color of something you’ve already shot.

Sony HDR-FX7 3-CMOS Handycam Camcorder

February 28th, 2009

Sony HDR-FX7 3-CMOS Sensor HDV High-Definition Handycam Camcorder with 20x Optical Zoom

Sony HDR-FX7 3-CMOS Sensor HDV


  •  Record and play back HDV 1080i video; switchable recording in standard definition

Product Description
Shoot like a pro with the HDR-FX7 High Definition Handycam(R) camcorder. Capture amazing video and still images in high definition with the first HDV 1080i 3 CMOS sensor consumer-level camcorder and player in the world. The three – 1/4″ ClearVID CMOS Sensors provide stunning detail and precision, while a 20x Optical Zoom Carl Zeiss Lens maintains image clarity. Since the HDR-FX7 records video in high-definition, you can dual record still images at the same time. So no matter what the occasion, the HDR-FX7 is the perfect camcorder for the situation. A Sony developed Real Time MPEG Encode/Decode system with reduced energy consumption and compact size to fit inside a personal camcorder. This provides efficient MPEG2 compression, and recording and playback of clear HD images at the same bit rate of the DV format, so that High Definition video can be recorded on the same cassettes as are used for MiniDV recording. From the authority in lens technology, the Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens provides a high-quality 20x optical zoom which maintains image clarity and color while reducing glare and flare.
Dual independent zoom and focus rings provide precise and detailed control over the amount of zoom and the overall focus of the image with just a turn of the rings. Fast, intuitive framing when zooming, and finely detailed focusing is easy with the natural “feel” of the rings. Easily adjust the amount of light entering the lens by adjusting exposure brightness in accordance with the iris and gain. The Iris control allows the volume of light to be adjusted (shutter speed and gain are adjustable).
Though not small enough to carry with you to Disney, this camcorder opens up new opportunities for serious amateur and semi-professionals to record videos suitable for play on new widescreen HDTV sets. An IEEE1394 iLink port is provided for easy transfer to a PC or Macintosh for professional editing applications.

Panasonic Pro AG-DVC20 3CCD MiniDV Proline Camcorder w/10x Optical Zoom

February 26th, 2009

В Panasonic Pro AG-DVC20 3CCD MiniDV Proline Camcorder w/10x Optical Zoom

Panasonic Pro AG-DVC20 3CCD MiniDV


  •  3CCD optical system with advanced digital processing for sharp, vivid images

Product Description
The Panasonic AG-DVC20 is a 1/6-inch 3CCD camcorder in the DV Proline family of Panasonic cameras. It features a shoulder-mounted design that results in a solid performing professional-style camcorder, perfect for any event. The camera comes with image stabilization, composite and S-Video inputs along with FireWire for easy connection to non-linear editing systems. The Color Night View mode allows night shooting with little or no available light. Colors will appear vibrant even if shooting in complete darkness. The 10x optical zoom lens is up to the task of industrial video acquisition. The camera has a large, smooth operating, touch sensitive rocker switch conveniently located on the handgrip. The attached 2.5-inch color LCD monitor gives you the option to leave it home. It is positionable to almost any angle including self-portrait position. Minimum Illumination 1 lux (Color Night View Mode) Signal System – NTSC 60i Audio Signal Format – 2 Channel 16 bit / 48kHz, 4 Channel 12 bit / 32kHz Audio Frequency Response – 20Hz to 20kHz Input and Output Connectors – 1 FireWire- 4-Pin input and output, 1 Composite Video- RCA input and output, 1 S-Video- 4-Pin input and output, 1 Microphone Audio- Mini Stereo input, 1 Headphones- Mini Stereo input Power Requirements – 7.2 VDC with Battery, 7.9 VDC with AC Adapter Power Consumption – 3.2W with Viewfinder, 3.4W with LCD, 6.3W max Dimensions – Width 8.56 x Height 8.88 x Depth 17.1 inches (21.74 x 22.5 x 43.4 cm) Weight – 4.5 pounds, 2.0 kg

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